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Always Moving Forward: Accreditations & Training for Your Non-Profit

In many ways, running a non-profit organization is more difficult than running a for-profit business. Your non-profit organization often has to meet an ethical standard higher than that of for-profit businesses, while keeping your administrative costs low. For many non-profits, this makes attracting new talent and new donors difficult in today's globally connected world. When [...]

Using Myers Briggs to Improve User Experiences

Myers-Briggs is world-renown for their personality assessments that provide insights in how people think and behave. Their assessments provide an incredible framework for understanding how to work with different people and become excellent tools for teams and for leaders. Subsequently, understanding Myers-Briggs can help improve the user experience of your product or your service. In today's world, companies spend significant [...]

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is one of the core methodologies our team deploys to leverage your team's expertise in a motivating exercise that brings out the creativity in teams. At its core, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is a facilitated technique that brings your team to solve complex issues using LEGO® building blocks. You might be wondering why LEGO® [...]

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