In many ways, running a non-profit organization is more difficult than running a for-profit business. Your non-profit organization often has to meet an ethical standard higher than that of for-profit businesses, while keeping your administrative costs low. For many non-profits, this makes attracting new talent and new donors difficult in today’s globally connected world.

When you are thinking about ways to improve your non-profit’s reputation, consider accreditations like the Standards for Excellence, and leadership development training like LEGO Serious Play and Myers-Briggs. Infusing the knowledge of experts in the field into your team not only improves your internal synergy but also provides your non-profit organization with additional accolades to share with the public to help grow your organization’s reputation.

Your non-profit’s reputation is critical in today’s world where it has never been easier to access information about businesses and organizations. After hearing about a non-profit for the first time, the average consumer is more likely to type in a quick online search on their mobile device shortly after the conversation. Having a powerful digital presence that shows off accreditations and accolades your organization has achieved helps to build a stronger reputation for your non-profit organization. In turn, that good reputation helps your organization attract more supporters, more talent, and more donors.

What new accreditations or trainings does your organization have planned for this year?